APCADEC - The Portuguese Association for Purchasing and Materials Management, established 1964, congregates men and women who work in their companies in areas related to Materials Management, as buyers, stores and stocking managers, purchasing chairmen or quality dealers.

As full right member of IFPSM - International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management, APCADEC is directly or indirectly represented close the main international events on behalf of its Senior Delegate or by a specially designated alternate Delegate.

The objectives and actions developed by this Association are as follows:

  • Professional training;
  • Productivity increasing encouragement;
  • Divulgation of the Standards considered as applicable to the profession;
  • Respect of the professional ethics;
  • Procurement and commercial contacts promoting;
  • To maintain an up to date thematic library.

Under these perspectives, APCADEC has promoted several initiatives, such as:

  • Professional training actions for buyers;
  • Professional training actions for managers;
  • Seminars and conferences;
  • Connection to the Universities in the field of the post-graduation studies and certification of the graduated professionals;
  • Purchasing survey for chemical industries;
  • Ethical conduct standardization;
  • Subscription of interesting publications;
  • Professional spirit incentive.
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