The aim of this survey is to cover:

  • 1. How far are companies in implementing digitalization in procurement?
  • 2. Which activities, processes and technologies are in focus?
  • 3. What are considered as the main challenges and barriers?
  • 4. What will be the impact of digitalization for procurement?

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Extend deadline for responses to April 1st 2019

The link you can use for the survey is:

Respondents will get access to an interactive dashboard where they will be able to compare themselves to other companies and procurement functions on an array of different criteria of their choice. Entries are as you know anonymous and all data will be confidential.

All data from this survey will be treated with full confidentiality and comply with the GDPR.
We thank you for your time and participation!

APCADEC and 7 European associations at this point are supporting the survey as collaborating partners distributing the survey to their members and we therefore look forward to hopefully get really good benchmark data across countries, industries, markets etc.

How does the digital state of your procurement function compares with others?

Digitalization is for many companies on top-management’s agenda and have already impacted the supply chain and procurement on many levels. Digital procurement will unavoidably also be the next big thing for most procurement organizations especially those that are still in early days when it comes to harnessing data and using technologies to support value-creation in procurement. But how digitally mature is your procurement function?

The Danish Purchasing and Logistics Forum (DILF) together with Valcon consulting in Denmark and Aalborg University (AAU) are conducting a survey on the digital procurement maturity in European procurement functions. By spending 20 minutes answering this survey you will get access to view your results and compare them to different benchmark data of your choice and be able to assess the digital state of your procurement function.

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