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Florence, from 20 to 23 September, hosted the 24th edition of the IFPSM World Summit: after almost 50 years, the international meeting has returned to Italy!

ADACI, the Italian Association of Purchasing and Supply Management, as host country actively supported both in the organization and in the identification of contents, speakers and participating companies. The event was structured over 4 days, all of extreme cultural and professional value for the profession of operators in the purchasing world.

An important conference session (PA Symposium in WSF23) dedicated to Public Procurement took place on Wednesday 20 September at Palazzo Pucci, in which national and international speakers took turns, giving life to the first IFPSM event entirely dedicated to the sector. Thursday 21 September at Palazzo Borghese was the turn of the in-depth analysis dedicated to the industrial and manufacturing world where the situation of the markets for the purchase of raw materials and the energy sources of the main commodities (plastic / steel / copper / aluminium) were critically analysed, necessary for the functioning of our country's production companies. In this event called ADACI Medicea there was also space for partner companies to present their products and services by holding commercial meetings in the splendid setting of the Renaissance halls which were used for the dinners combined with the conference.

The sponsoring companies present were: ALD Automotive, CAAST, CIESSE srl, Credemtel, Expense Reduction Analysts, Innova Group, Kelmer, Niuma, Pedevilla, Presso Fonderie, Provvedi Meccanica, Service Now, SOVER, Synertrade, Unite, Würth.

Thursday 21 September was also the opening day of the IFPSM World Summit 2023 with the Grand Opening which was held inside the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio in which companies (Gucci, Eli Lilly, Mukki etc) and authorities citizens (Diocese of Florence, Municipality of Florence and Region of Tuscany) participated in the opening works in which the over 40 international delegations present presented themselves with their typical clothes, increasing the culture of the Salon with the intertwining of the traditional world cultures present at the event. The opening ceremony was managed by IFPSM President Chris Oanda (Kenya), ADACI National President Fabrizio Santini and Giovanni Atti (IFPSM Delegate and ADACI Past President) and focused on work ethic and innovation with particular attention to artificial intelligence and its impact on the present and future business world.

On Friday 22 September the congress participants moved to the Palazzo dei Congressi of Villa Vittoria to organize two different but both very important events.

The first, the CPO Lounge Community, an important event well-orchestrated by Federica Dallanoce (Secretary and National Vice President of ADACI) which attracted over 100 managers from the purchasing/procurement world to create round tables on the hot topics of the moment such as innovation, risk management, the sustainability of the supply chain and the importance of the professional skills of the resources in the purchasing area.

The previous day, deserving companies had been awarded, including Snam, Ferraro, SACE, Niuma, Punch Torino, Illycaffè, Würth, Gefran, Schnell, ABS Acciaierie Bertoli Safau, IIT, IBSA Farmaceutici, CPL Concordia, De Rigo Refrigeration, etc.

The second dedicated to young people, in fact ADACI has chosen/called to Florence over 80 young people chosen among the best through a public call dedicated to universities and high schools. The students were welcomed into the Summit with a specific event dedicated to them in which the buyer's profession and its development opportunities were discussed and through the testimony of the astrophysicist Edwige Pezzulli who underlined the importance of knowledge and of consistency to be a principle of innovation and development. For young people within the CAMPUS event in WSF23, a visit to a Florentine Museum, the splendid Medici Chapels, and participation in the first day of the Summit's work could not be missed. The IFPSM WORLD SUMMIT 2023 took place on Friday afternoon 22 September and Saturday 23 September and it is correct to analyse how, after hosting the first World Procurement Congress in Venice in 1977, ADACI and the Italian procurement community are honoured to host the twenty-fourth IFPSM World Summit, which is the most exclusive global forum in the sector and the ideal place for the exchange of knowledge and best practices between both public and private operators in terms of procurement and management of production chains.

Today, as then, the international procurement community meets for an open exchange of opinions. Once again, different cultures and business models will be compared: American, European, Chinese and Japanese. Different realities that no one claims to modify or emulate, but knowledge of which is of fundamental importance to know how to move in such different markets. Speakers from various countries addressed the hot topics of procurement, focusing on the basic theme of the summit: "Procurement to lead innovation and value capture, while coping with inflation, shortages and geopolitical instability". In fact, buying today does not just mean bringing home what you need by 'saving', but being a promoter of product and process innovation together with colleagues from other functions, suppliers and partners. It means automating purchasing processes, using artificial intelligence support where appropriate, as well as adopting applied sustainability concepts.

The scenario in which the Summit takes place is characterized by the revision of globalization policies and forms of political-economic multipolar, by high and more resilient inflation than expected, by the scarcity of raw materials and high prices. New scenarios and increasingly stimulating challenges for procurement and supply management operators who, once again, will have to update their strategies, ensuring innovation and added value, consequently promoting company competitiveness. Within this new ecosystem, it is necessary to adapt and refine their skills and proceed with their formal qualification. A dutiful thank you goes to those who have committed themselves to the management and success of this prestigious event.

IFPSM President Chris Oanda bears his testimony: "It is a great honour and pleasure for me, also on behalf of the IFPSM Board and Council, to have attended this Summit, which returns to the country that hosted the 1st Congress in 1977. World of Procurement and Materials Management. We gather here, as delegates of forty-six associations spread across five continents and operators of a procurement community of over 250,000 professionals operating in the academic world, public administration and industry. The summit's underlying theme: 'Procurement to Lead Innovation and Value Capture while Coping with Inflation, Shortages and Geopolitical Instability', aptly captures the challenges our supply chains face right now. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were oriented towards creating more sustainable and innovative supply chains to increase their efficiency and contain the emission of so-called 'greenhouse gases'.

The adoption of enabling technologies and the use of the Internet as a means of instant communication has allowed, in recent decades, the development of commercial relationships and the exchange of goods and services in every corner of the planet. Suppliers of any country and size can now provide goods and assistance to the most distant customers, with perfect traceability of the transactions carried out. The financial tools that enable international trade are ubiquitous, traceable and easy to use. Commercial and financial supply chains have been at the centre of this evolution, enabling economic growth and expansion of production and trade.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a shock that disrupted both our usual way of life and international trade. In particular, it has put the resilience of supply chains and logistics to the test, giving rise to many more or less prolonged production stops. Come September, right around the time of our World Summit, the broad-based recovery in many countries and business sectors will have reached its twelfth consecutive month. In this period, buyers and supply chain managers have contributed heavily to the economic recovery, giving a concrete answer to the question: 'How can procurement be a promoter of innovation and added value and, at the same time, counteract the increase, lack of materials and geopolitical instability?' The 2023 World Summit seeks to respond to this great challenge. The Federation board and ADACI have recruited experts from different sectors, capable of analysing the current scenario and giving concrete answers to the basic theme of the Summit. Led by the very famous Peter Kraljic, the inventor of the evergreen purchasing policy matrix, most of the speakers will be available to interact, both in individual and group sessions, which we have greatly missed in the last 3 years."

A mention goes to Caritas which, with its services and collaboration, has allowed us to be of help to the local community.

ADACI managed to provide hospitality to the conference attendees by unravelling the event in various Florentine Renaissance buildings and allowing them to savour, in addition to the professional contents of the event, the history, culture and charm of Florence.

Special thanks to all the partner companies, which we report below, and to our media and event partners:

Platinum: Mintec and Niuma
Gold: Canali System, Licat – Romani Components, Synertrade – Credemtel, Unite
Silver: BIP, Innova Group, Milano Colori, Pedevilla, ServiceNow, Würth
Bronze: CAAST, CIESSE, Copyworld, Jaggaer, Presso Fonderie, PFE, Provvedi Meccanica, SACE

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